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House of Wonders is a MFM accredited studio, offering production, engineering, co-writing, mixing, and mastering services.

︎ House of Wonders is a recording space in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was founded on the belief that you don't need a big studio to make a great record. House of Wonders doesn't have 700 vintage microphones and a stack of outboard gear that goes from the floor to the ceiling, but it does have an excellent collection of high-quality mics, pre-amps and instruments that will allow you to do pretty much anything you'd like to do.

Big studios are fucking expensive. When you’re waving goodbye to a dollar every passing minute, you end up rushing through what should be the most important part of being a musical artist - immortalizing the music that you’ve written. Because of very real financial constraints, many artists make this trade off and end up with a sloppy mess in the Highest Possible Fidelity™.

House of Wonders is simply a room and an idea. It’s the idea that who is in the room and the time spent in the room is more important than what is in the room. The space was founded by Adam Fuhr with his band, Yes We Mystic, so that they could spend limitless hours in a place with a good vibe creating interesting music. They thought there should be a way to make records at a price that didn’t cause anyone to eat exclusively Tim Horton’s bagels during the production process (See: Fuhr, 2015).

Fuhr is committed to producing records at House of Wonders for an affordable price. This allows for the pursuit of good ideas, the perfection of arrangements and tones, the capturing of the right takes of your performance, the editing of the tracks that have been recorded - the things that make the music the very best it can be. This experiment is ongoing. Some really special music has been made by a bunch of incredible artists in this little room. It’s all about the creative minds, getting excited about music, making choices not constrained by time. Save yourself the big studio fees, and let’s go exploring!

Discovering truth in sound.

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