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For most people, mastering remains the most mythical and confounding part of the song-making process. Heck, even many long-time mastering engineers—the people you’d think you could trust to explain it—have lost track of what makes a good master in this day and age (hint: it’s vastly different from what it was 20 years ago).

Mastering is the final round of processing that makes your music sound good in context with every other song ever made. It’s an endgame treatment of EQ and compression that gives your song its final sheen, creating continuity, balance, and excitement. It is both a surgical and heavily creative process, as every mix on this earth needs something slightly different. People have tried to train algorithms to do the job, but a perceptive human ear attached to a creative mind remains the best way to get the job done.

House of Wonders Mastering is run by Donavan Ostapowich, an engineer who keeps up with the cutting edge of what mastering can offer. In the old days, mastering meant getting your songs ready to fit onto a vinyl record or CD, and making sure the songs sounded good with each other. This is all that some old-school mastering engineers are still trying to achieve. But these days, good mastering solves all of that plus an extra problem — the fact that your song might end up on a playlist next to Billie Eilish. Billie Eilish’s stuff sounds really good. It’s the mastering engineer’s job to make your track sound loud, full, and pleasant next to any songs yours might end up beside.

Mastering can make a bad mix better, and a good mix great. House of Wonders is pleased to offer modern, bold, results-oriented mastering — Ostapowich isn’t afraid to make big moves to make your song sound the best it possibly can. It’s mastering that makes you and your mixer look good.

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